5 Things You Should Know About Neon Signs

The technology of neon lights surfaced in 1911, introduced by a French chemist, George Claudes! But to its credit, it has spread throughout the world and is still widely popular in the world of signage. These neon signs are glass tubes containing neon or argon gas, with minimal electric current passing through them to create their infamous glow. But the question is, what makes them so famous? What doctrine makes neon signs in New York City so common that it is the face of each hotel and bar and cafe and is the distinguishing feature of New York City’s nightlife. Listed below are 5 stunning facts about neon lights.

1. The First Neon Lights Used To Cost $12000 Each.

It is true! When neon lights were invented for the first time, they were pricier than a diamond ring. Many people still find neon lights expensive, but one should always remember that they not only act as business signs but also double as an advertising stunt. Thus, they are relatively cheap if their real value for money is considered.

2. Neon Signs Are Major Electricity Savers.

Are you the budding business in town worried about your outrageous expenses? And did your best friend advise you that a well-lighted enterprise gives the impression of a successful business? Do you anticipate significant lighting expenses for your business? Fear not because neon LED signs can minimize your electric consumption while giving off an air of a lively and happening place. In a 12-hour period where a regular fluorescent bulb uses 7320 watts, a neon LED sign uses just 1800 watts.

3. Neon LED Lights Survive Longer Than Any Other Light Source.

Neon LED lights will not only fill up your barren walls, give a good vibe to incoming guests but are also environmentally friendly and extremely durable. Their transformers could easily last up to 8 to 10 yrs. Even then, they could be recharged and repaired in case of any fault. They are fantastic as a long-term investment.

4. Neon Signs Can Be Seen Through The Fog!

Neon signs are colorful and bright! Due to their composition of electrons, the neon colors can easily shine through the fog and be visible even in monsoon seasons.

5. And Neon Signs Are Not Dangerous!

If you have been an admirer of neon signage and have been held off due to a misconception that they are dangerous, then it is time to reassess your belief. Just do not let the fluorescent tube break, and if it breaks, quickly mop up the place because the tube contains mercury, which can run in corners. That is all that is needed, and a broken tube can be replaced very conveniently.

Neon signage can be an ideal up-gradation for your office if you are looking for cost-effective lighting options that are vibrant and unique. They are 100% handmade tubes that can be bent into whichever shape you like and become a display of your creativity.

Likewise, they can be installed in your homes to brighten up your space and add the same character to your home, which unique classical painting can.

But Are You Confused About Whether Neon Lights Can Be Installed In Google Homes Or Not?

Why not? Neon signs can be as smart as you need them to be. They can easily adapt to today’s smart living style and be a worthy addition to your modern google homes. They can be wirelessly operated and would glow up when it is dark due to the present electrodes inside the tube.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you planning on decorating your child’s bedroom? Do you want the walls in your house to read your favorite mantras? Or your business needs that extra jazz to attract new customers? If your answer to these was a yes, then invest in the best neon signs in NYC for your office, and your house needs them to dazzle the incomers.

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