Etched Plaques

Visual Works produces a variety of custom metal plaques in a variety of materials and finishes including brass, bronze, brushed satin steel, mirror polished steel, etched metal, and aluminum. We also make etched metal plaques which can be used for dedication, donor, memorial, building plaque identification, etc. In New York City and the surrounding area.

What Are Etched Plaques?

Etched plaques are simply created by chemically etching beautiful artwork and text into a solid sheet of metal. These plaques are used for labeling systems, nameplates and contemporary signage options. The entire etching process can render satisfactory details, and custom etched metal plaques can be created at a variety of different thicknesses with recessed or raised lettering, beveled edges and a high-quality finish of your choice.

Types Etched Plaques Available At Visual Works

We do custom Etching and Engraving which is available for Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Below we have listed the types of different engraving and etching that Visual Works offers. And that’s not all; we can also customize your design, all you need to do is contact us so together we can make something beautiful.

Standard choices include the following:

Standard Etching

This is normally a paint-filled copy with incised graphics made to contrast the raised finished areas.

Reverse Etching

This is normally in the alloy color with raised graphics and a colored depressed background so it can contrast the raised areas.

Rotary And Laser Engraving

This is high quality incised graphics and/or copy which is done on a rotary engraving machine. This could also be a copy incised into the material with our high-tech laser engraving machine.

Photo Etching

This is normally a recessed etching that resembles a newspaper article with visible and clear dot patterns. The etched recessed dot patterns are usually filled with black paint for high contrast and detail.

If you are looking for etched plaques for your business, then you’ve come to the right place as we can provide you with right etched signage that’ll push your business to new heights.

Industries Served

Visual Works is proud to service a wide variety of business types and industries of all sizes including:

Art Galleries, Corporations, Museums, Hospitality, Architects / Designers, Healthcare, Financial, Educational, Event Planners, Retail, Government, Environmental Graphic Designers, Construction, Real Estate, Airports, Aerospace, Transportation, Media / PR, Advertising Agencies, Parks & Recreation

The experts here at Visual Works are the perfect choice to design and craft the perfect sign for your business or industry. For more information, feel free to fill out the contact form or give us a call at (646) 988-0144.

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