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Storefront Signs: Comparing Channel Letter Signs Against Blade Signs

Storefront signage in New York is seen as one of the most important parts of a physical retail because it is the exterior signage which provides customers with the first impression of the store or business. An attractive sign provides credibility and trust on a client’s perspective while on the other hand it also shows that the business respects its brand as well as its reputation within the community. Two very popular exterior signage options are typically used for businesses in New York such as channel letter signs and blade signs.

What are channel letter signs and when are they used?

3D letter signs which are typically illuminated from the interior of the structure and often installed on the storefront wall or on a pole sign are known as channel letters.

Typical reasons why businesses usually use these signs are:

• High Visibility: If your business is located in an interior area, choosing this option might be the best option as its 3-dimensional shape makes it easier for customers to spot your shop from a distance.

• Illumination: Channel letter signs can be illuminated from the inside and can provide great visibility at all times including night time.

• Flexible Design: The design can be customized to fit accommodate the needs and requiremnts of your business and your brand.

• Durability: Channel letter signage are fabricated using durable materials like acrylic and aluminum. These materials are strong and safe in all seasons and weather conditions.

What is a blade sign and when is it used?

Blade signs are a type of external signage that projects outward, perpendicular to the flow of traffic.

• Blade signs are excellent for businesses in competitive locations because they can help pedestrians easily find your business or store.

• They provide a elegant appearance which makes them stand out from many other generic business signs.

• Blade signs are double sided which is ideal for use as navigational signs

• New York blade signs are durable and strong. They can be illuminated similarly to channel letter signs.

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