Why Wayfinding Signs Are Paramount For Drawing Your Customers In?

Did you ever get lost? Was it because there was no signage? Maybe because certain confusing directions overwhelmed you? Being a business owner, you don’t want this to happen to your customers. In fact, your fundamental aim is to drive customers into your business, not the other way around.

If you want your business to find the path to success, it is important to take into account the advantages that come with wayfinding signs. Try to weave in the benefits of way finding signage into your marketing strategy, reaping the rewards accordingly. Here we list down the top five benefits that wayfinding signs can offer your business:

Allows For An Organic Guest Experience

You want to draw in your customers and let them experience your brand in the most innovative manner. Today, everything is about user experience, and when your first contact point fails (finding their way to you), good luck trying to lure them in.

With thought-out wayfinding signage, you’ll be able to deliver a seamless experience. If your wayfinding signs are topsy-turvy, customers won’t even step foot into your place.

Builds Brand Equity

Clever marketers and business owners make wayfinding signage a part of their overall brand-building and marketing strategy efforts. Through a strategic branding process, Visual Works closely work with interior designers and architects to come up with wayfinding signs that put your brand out there, leading customers to you in huge numbers.

Creates A Sense Of Space

Effective wayfinding signs address two important questions:

  • Where am I?
  • How do I get there?

If your wayfinding signage efficiently addresses these questions, you’ve already hurdled a step in the decision-making journey of the customer.

Remember, creative, concise, and clear signs will allow customers to enjoy finding their way to you, relishing the second they step onto your premises and exploring the space on their own without getting bombarded by confusing or irrelevant signs.

Elevates Your Brand Story

Besides the logo, brand name, marketing materials, and sales promotions, wayfinding signs may also be used as an important medium to demonstrate a cohesive brand story consistently. All components must come together to project a unified front, communicating a narrative that will reel your intended audience in.

Leads To A Positive Return On Investment

Wayfinding signs operate as 24/7 investments. Keeping this in mind, ensure that these signs flaunt an enticing corporate image. Customers with viscerally satisfying experiences trigger brand loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising, leading to a positive return on investment.

Looking for way finding signs or metal letter signage? Let Visual Works know. We’re here to meet each of your wayfinding signage needs.


5 Things You Should Know About Neon Signs

The technology of neon lights surfaced in 1911, introduced by a French chemist, George Claudes! But to its credit, it has spread throughout the world and is still widely popular in the world of signage. These neon signs are glass tubes containing neon or argon gas, with minimal electric current passing through them to create their infamous glow. But the question is, what makes them so famous? What doctrine makes neon signs in New York City so common that it is the face of each hotel and bar and cafe and is the distinguishing feature of New York City’s nightlife. Listed below are 5 stunning facts about neon lights.

1. The First Neon Lights Used To Cost $12000 Each.

It is true! When neon lights were invented for the first time, they were pricier than a diamond ring. Many people still find neon lights expensive, but one should always remember that they not only act as business signs but also double as an advertising stunt. Thus, they are relatively cheap if their real value for money is considered.

2. Neon Signs Are Major Electricity Savers.

Are you the budding business in town worried about your outrageous expenses? And did your best friend advise you that a well-lighted enterprise gives the impression of a successful business? Do you anticipate significant lighting expenses for your business? Fear not because neon LED signs can minimize your electric consumption while giving off an air of a lively and happening place. In a 12-hour period where a regular fluorescent bulb uses 7320 watts, a neon LED sign uses just 1800 watts.

3. Neon LED Lights Survive Longer Than Any Other Light Source.

Neon LED lights will not only fill up your barren walls, give a good vibe to incoming guests but are also environmentally friendly and extremely durable. Their transformers could easily last up to 8 to 10 yrs. Even then, they could be recharged and repaired in case of any fault. They are fantastic as a long-term investment.

4. Neon Signs Can Be Seen Through The Fog!

Neon signs are colorful and bright! Due to their composition of electrons, the neon colors can easily shine through the fog and be visible even in monsoon seasons.

5. And Neon Signs Are Not Dangerous!

If you have been an admirer of neon signage and have been held off due to a misconception that they are dangerous, then it is time to reassess your belief. Just do not let the fluorescent tube break, and if it breaks, quickly mop up the place because the tube contains mercury, which can run in corners. That is all that is needed, and a broken tube can be replaced very conveniently.

Neon signage can be an ideal up-gradation for your office if you are looking for cost-effective lighting options that are vibrant and unique. They are 100% handmade tubes that can be bent into whichever shape you like and become a display of your creativity.

Likewise, they can be installed in your homes to brighten up your space and add the same character to your home, which unique classical painting can.

But Are You Confused About Whether Neon Lights Can Be Installed In Google Homes Or Not?

Why not? Neon signs can be as smart as you need them to be. They can easily adapt to today’s smart living style and be a worthy addition to your modern google homes. They can be wirelessly operated and would glow up when it is dark due to the present electrodes inside the tube.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you planning on decorating your child’s bedroom? Do you want the walls in your house to read your favorite mantras? Or your business needs that extra jazz to attract new customers? If your answer to these was a yes, then invest in the best neon signs in NYC for your office, and your house needs them to dazzle the incomers.


Importance Of Construction Signs In Nyc

Construction sites are dangerous areas, not only for the labor who spends hours in the scorching sun to provide for their families but also fora passerby who unknowingly find himself within these wrought-with-danger parameters. No matter what precautions the management takes, accidents at construction sites seem inevitable. However, custom construction signs can warn the workers and passerby of any possible hazards and help avoid them. Therefore, putting up construction safety signage is a requirement for all construction sites in NYC and moral and civil duty of construction companies.

Why Go For Construction Signs?

A properly placed and a highly visible safety sign can go a long way to protecting the lives of workers at construction sites by alerting individuals of possible casualties and the precautionary measures they need to take.

Safety Reminder

It is human nature to, at times, forget even the most basic guidelines and thus workers and the people passing by, need to be constantly reminded of the safety measures. Thus, a site officer’s first course of action on the field should be to buy construction signs. A set of custom construction signs should address all the following issues.

Danger And Warning Signs

Danger signs should be used for warning against life-threatening situations. Warning signs are important for warning against scenarios that might not cause death but could result in severe impairment.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs dictate the ground rules for the code of conduct that should be abided by at your site location. They do not necessarily pose any threat to life but are in place just to maintain decorum. For example, you would often see signs abstaining from “smoking” or “spitting” on the premises. However, a no-smoking sign may not always be just a prohibition; but at times it could also be a safety measure if there are flammable liquids nearby. In such a case, a “no smoking” sign could also be a warning to protect you from explosions bred out of carelessness.

Safety Instructions

Safety instruction signs govern the necessary actions that must be taken on an operational field. These include wearing the proper headgear, goggles, face mask; if there is dust, and high visibility vests that are usually in neon colors to save the workers from collateral damage during the grueling construction work.

Emergency Awareness

Emergency information signs are very important because they minimize loss and damage in case of any eventuality. In the unforeseen scenarios, for example, if there is a fire, or a pillar of the building under construction collapses, the prime interest of the construction company is to minimize the loss of human lives. There are many legal directives in place that prioritize human lives, and in case of any unfortunate incident arising out of the company’s negligence, the company may find itself being dragged into the court of law. Thus, it is cardinal that the site has proper exit routes and emergency exit signs displayed. Similarly, in case of fire, proper directions should be given to access the fire extinguisher or ring the emergency alarms.

Construction signs vary in their functions and are accordingly ordained colors, patterns shape and typography so that the workers can distinguish between them at first sight. But still, they all remain equally important and together devise a system for the workers to feel safe at a construction site. These signs are made from a durable material such as corflute which can withstand extreme weather conditions. Materials which are good heat and electricity conductors are usually avoided to decrease accidents. Similarly, these signs should be located as such that they are highly visible from afar. Each construction company should, at the first chance, buy construction signs for sale available in the market or invest in customized construction signages which also have the company’s name printed on them as a publicity stunt.


Lighting Your Brand Through Visual Merchandising

With visual merchandising taking the world by storm, it doesn’t take a genius to guess the significance of appropriate branding. Creating or imprinting a brand image is partly the task of visual merchandising, be it through setting up lightbox signs in stores based in NYC or be it through the design of the window display.

By using brand-associated colors wisely to attract the attention of customers, by using sales-enabling lightbox signage, or by curating a well-designed store display, brands can turn their store aesthetic into a selling point. This allows brands to present their merchandise – bringing focus to factors that set them, their quality, and their value apart. Brands can create value for themselves in the minds of their customer. However, understanding this factor is of paramount importance, as certain brands fail to take visual merchandising into consideration.

Injecting Value & Appeal Into A Brand

Creating a unique atmosphere and setting the tone for the retail image is essential for any brand. With the use of promotional signs, informational signs, location signs, or window displays, brands can create awareness, can reach out to a wider customer base, and can deliver their unique proposition. A fulfilling shopping experience incorporates elements like enabling consumers to feel satisfied with the experiences they indulge in. This is where visual merchandising comes into play, helping create a sense of desire in the minds of the consumer.

Hanging outdoor lightbox signs is a window of opportunity for brands, as a brand gets to tell its story within a contained limit of words or graphics. Through this form of story-telling, the brand empowers itself to gain from the following:

  • It gets to invite a consumer to enter their ‘brick and mortar’ space.
  • It gets to involve its consumers in a personalized experience.
  • It gets to glorify its products and create a sense of ‘personalized luxury.’
  • It gets to strategically place its products through signage in places where there is heavy foot traffic.

A combination of these factors leads a brand to build a perception that is otherwise missing. With a perception built, a brand can then be on its way to settle brand loyalty into the hearts of its consumers. Due to vinyl letter signs and signage, in general, being a tried and tested marketing strategy, brands have nothing to lose by amplifying their visual merchandising capacity. Even with limited resources and limited funds, a brand can integrate signage into their marketing plan, as it adds considerably in elevating brand recognition.

Mixing It Up

By reinforcing their brand through customized signage, brands can create exposure, can liven the value of their brand image, and can gain visibility. This can create results not only through experiences but also through numbers. With the retail environment consistently experiencing a shift, staying on top of things is essential, as otherwise, businesses run the risk of losing their market dominance, their customer base, and opportunities that can push them to the top of the retail pyramid.


Use Large Format Digital Printing To Sky-Rocket Your Brand Visibility

The pressure of going digital is outrageous on businesses these days, but in reality, conventional types of promotional marketing haven’t run out of efficiency either. Case in point: printed materials are a bit more engaging than digital advertisements, which are often skimmed over in 15 seconds or less – if read at all. But when customers look and feel something tangible, there’s a greater chance that they’ll remember it, subsequently acting on it. This is why large format digital printing in NYC is what many businessmen in the area prefer.

It’s a captivating and versatile way not just to increase your visibility but engage your audience as well. At Visual Works, our digital printing service in NYC can offer you with every type of marketing materials that feature oversized printing. Let’s closely look at how this method benefits the local businesses.

Oversized Printing Offers Versatility

Large-scale printing can be used in every type of marketing material. From banners and posters to decals and stickers, a quality print shop like Visual Works can use large format digital printing to get your business noticed – irrespective of what medium you utilize. This also enables you to think more creatively while also use these marketing materials in novel ways. And because this type of printing may be used in many ways, you’ll be able to promote your brand across the board consistently.

Large-Scale Printing Goes The Distance

Of course, oversized printing is going to be far more eye-catching, even from big distances. You’ll get a better return-on-investment when you can attract customers from across a crowded trade showroom or down the street! Because the message of your brand will be clearly legible from a distance, you won’t ever have to care about your investment, not panning out. You’ll be able to capture the attention of your audience and draw them in, which translates into greater brand loyalty and increased sales.

Oversized Printing Amplifies Brand Recognition

Undeniably, one of the major benefits of oversized printing is that it can improve the visibility of the brand – literally. This type of printing will not just get your brand noticed, but will also allow your consumers to remember your name for all the right reasons. In such a flooded market, it may be challenging to make a lasting impression. But when you make use of large format printed materials from Visual Works, you’ll be able to stand out from the rest.

From custom, etched metal plaques to large format digital printing in NYC, Visual Works has everything your brand needs. Call us now for more information!


Advantages of Using Acrylic Signage

Acrylic is a durable and versatile plastic material most commonly used as an alternative to glass due to its transparency and smooth finish. Acrylic is the perfect material for large format printing and has excellent surface smoothness for vivid imagery, etching, and color matching. Custom acrylic signs, combined with backlights or spotlights, make them truly attractive.

Acrylic signs are great for advertising and promotions to attract customers to a business or its products. Companies like Visual Works Worldwide deal in designing acrylic signs in NYC, and have helped countless companies attract new customers and boost their sales in a very short period of time. Acrylic signs have customizable options that make them the number one choice for promoting businesses all over the country. Using custom acrylic signage offers a number of benefits, some of which are discussed below:

Lightweight and Durable

Acrylic is durable and so does not break as easily as glass; it is also strong like plastic. At the same time, it has a smooth surface like glass that makes printing clear and visible. Custom acrylic signs can withstand weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Although it is sturdy, acrylic is also lightweight making it easier to transport and install. It’s less likely to break if dropped accidently. These properties make acrylic the perfect material for businesses to invest in when promoting or advertising their products.


Acrylic has highly customizable features that make it fit for virtually any situation. Custom acrylic signage can easily add a classy look to office space, turn interiors into brand promotion space, and set a professional tone. Businesses like clothing stores, boutiques, restaurants, and lifestyle brands often set the mood by using large imagery printed on acrylic signs that are then attached to walls. Besides being customizable, acrylic signs are affordable for anyone. Even new start-ups can take advantage of acrylic displays for advertising purposes.

Professional And Attractive

Acrylic signs in NYC give a professional and attractive look to businesses. As it is one of the most robust and durable of materials, it is mainly used in advertising and promoting a business or brand. The glass-like transparency of acrylic looks attractive when used as a background for simple text or graphic designs in a company logo or brand logo. They also make excellent nameplates for employee desks and add a professional look to working space.

High Impact

Bringing attention towards a brand or business has never been more critical as it is today due to the competitive market. Creating awareness of your brand with modern and professional-looking custom acrylic signage makes for high impact in the eyes of customers. Since size, shape, and color are not an issue, the sign(s) are designed according to the tastes of the client. A variety of different installation options can be used for a custom acrylic sign to remain visible to the maximum number viewers and communicate to them what the business is about

Final Word

Custom acrylic signage works for any kind of business: retail stores, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, or clothing franchises – all can benefit from them. Today, most nameplates for employees or office buildings are made from acrylic because it is relatively cheaper and more durable than glass, giving the same smoothness as glass. Visual Works Worldwide can help you with custom acrylic signs in NYC to effectively to promote your business.


Things to Know About ADA-Compliant Signs

What are the ADA Signs?

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) was signed into law back in 1990 by then-President George H. Bush. This act stated that every American citizen has equal opportunity in every area of employment, including those with disabilities. This act also emphasized the use of ADA-compliant signs having raised letters and Grade 2 Braille for those Americans who were blind or dealing with significant visual impairment. It specified the type and height of letters, color, mounting locations, and more.

ADA-compliant signs are a common type of signage found in different buildings and facilities throughout the US; they help people who are blind have low-vision navigate more easily. An example is a wheelchair sign for elevators designated for a particular use. This signage also benefits people without any impairment to act as a directional sign.

Kinds of ADA Signs

Custom ADA signs come in various types and have different uses according to the purpose for which they were made. Some of the most common ADA-compliant signs are:

  • Elevator or stairway signs
  • Wheelchair sign
  • Restroom signs
  • Exit and no smoking signs
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Job title signs (Manager, Vice President, CEO, etc)
  • Directional signs (left, right, etc.)
  • Room type signs (lounge, lab, conference room, etc.)

These are just a few common types of ADA-compliant signs. There are others signs for particular locations, for indicating that there is a drinking fountain in a park, etc.

What makes a Sign ADA-Compliant?

Most people associate custom ADA signage with just braille, but there is more to ADA compliance than that. While signs with braille are one of the most distinguishable features of them being ADA-compliant, there are other regulations that make the signs compatible with the ADA. A few guidelines for ADA-compliant signs are

No Glare: Apart from parking or traffic signs, regulations for ADA-compliant signs state that the background or characters used in them should not create any glare. People with visual impairments or the elderly are not able to take such glare very well.

Contrast: The backgrounds and characters in a sign must have very light to dark color contrast to be clearly seen by visually-impaired people who are not blind.

Easy to Read: The typeface used in a custom ADA sign must be easy to read, with the fonts as plain as possible with enough space in between.

Font Size and Case: The upper and lower cases should be correct according to the signage used; for instance, a directional sign can use both upper and lower case. The font size is determined based on the location where a reader is expected to be positioned.

Placement of Identification Signs: The ADA requires all room identification signs to be placed appropriately to make it easy for people to locate them. The main purpose for them is for functionally-blind people to be able to find doors and get information on where they lead.

Other Rules For Sign Placement

Along with knowing where to install a custom ADA sign, another important aspect is knowing how many signs need to be mounted. A few guidelines should be kept in mind while mounting an ADA-sign in any public facility:

  • ADA-compliant signs must be installed on the latch side of the door to the room
  • ADA signs should not be lower than 48 inches from the floor and no higher than 60 inches above the floor
  • If there is not enough space available for the signs to be mounted from a particular location, they should be installed on the adjacent wall where they are clearly visible
  • ADA signs must not be installed directly on the doors

Channel Letter Signs – Advantages and Installation

Channel lettering signage is an excellent way of advertising or promoting your business by having an attractive, stylish sign for passers-by to notice. Channel letters are custom-made 3D signs or letters formed using plastic, metal, acrylic; they use LED or neon lighting, and are most commonly used as signs on buildings. s called dimensional letters. A channel letter is any number, message, or character used.

Channel letters consist of a face, return, back, and lighting elements with the returns or letter signs made from aluminum sheeting. The face and back are usually composed of aluminum or acrylic material. Channel letters are available in many fonts, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Benefits of Channel Letters

Choosing the right signage makes your business easier to locate, or to promote it. Choosing the right style is key; if you prefer bold and bright images, try channel letter signs. This type of signage is customizable; other benefits include:

  • Channel letter signage can become anything the user wants it to be. Any type of shape, size, and font can be chosen, but they must comply with local and federal laws and regulations.
  • Channel letter signage can be illuminated in a number of ways. While some may choose to have it lit at specific times, others might go for 24-hour illumination. There are front-lit, back-lit, or open-face illumination options for channel letters. There are also specialty options available that can combine these three types of signage to create a unique signage with adequate illumination.
  • Due to different font and sizes, channel letters can be used for both your indoor and outdoor business needs. Channel letters can create an eye-catching directional sign that allows for consistent image transition to brand identity.
  • Channel letter signage is an excellent way of communicating brand image and name. The wide range of options make for amazing font and logo pairing giving the brand much-needed attention from passing the crowds. Channel letters, coupled with digital and other means of marketing, make for a highly effective brand promotion.
  • Channel lettering is made from metal or hard plastic and are very durable. This saves you money in the long term.
  • Channel letter signs use LED or neon lights for illumination that can last for some time without affecting performance. This cost-effective and eco-friendly option allows you to make a bold statement for your brand. They provide excellent visibility both day and night, and serve as a clear reminder to the public that your business exists and is available to serve them.
Mounting Options

There are several mounting options for channel letters. Here we list them for you:

Raceway Mount: Most clients require channel letter signage installed on raceways; the signage consists of a metal box, with illuminating circuits for each letter. The main benefit of this option is that it reduces the number of penetrations needed for mounting the sign.

Direct Mount: Direct mounting is available for clients that prefer the appearance. Direct mounting means each letter is attached directly to the wall using non-corrosive fasteners. The wiring at the back of the building façade powers the letters’ lighting.

Backer Mount: Similar to a raceway mount this is without a metal box. Instead, the letters are attached to a metal cabinet that is much bigger than the channel letter sign itself. The wiring can be housed either inside the cabinet or at the back of the building façade.

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