Visual Works creates exquisitely sharp and precise laser cuts of high quality glass, plastics and acrylics. Our custom formed acrylic signs, letters and logos feature spot on color paint matching and fine polished edges. Custom acrylic signage captures the attention, points the way, positions and reinforces your brand. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior signage, we have the capability to manufacture, install, project manage and advise you every step of the way. We have over 50 years of experience in producing and installing retail signage, office signage, directional signage, wayfinding signage, property signage etc. In and around the New York City area.

What Are Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are made of a transparent, colorless, durable polymer material that is formed into plastic sheets, resembling the clarity of glass. As of acrylic’s flexibility, versatility, strength, and lighter weight, it is frequently referred to as glass signage, which is naturally more fragile. It can be printed with a wide range of colors. Our Acrylic signs provide a clean, sophisticated look to virtually any surface.

How is Acrylic Customized?

It is done by printing straight onto its surface with UV ink; acrylic can also be customized either on the front or the back of a sign. The Print can include numbers, simple letters, or symbols, or they can use a full-color company logo coupled with an image or photograph.

On the standard surface acrylic signs, the process of printing is done on the front side of the sign, which produces a matte appearance. As this printing is visible on the front surface of the sign, it is more easily prone to damage like scratches.

The Second surface acrylic signs, which are usually custom glass signs, are printed from the back of the sign, producing a uniform, glossy finish. This printing method also ensures a denser sheen while it protects the ink from scratches.

Installing Acrylic Signs

The best way to display an Acrylic sign is to mount it on a flat and clean surface. Commonly, custom acrylic signs have an option for pre-drilled holes, and they can be installed with old school screws or aluminum or brushed nickel standoffs. These standoffs enable the sign to be displayed at a distance from the wall. Thus, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Industries Served

Visual Works is proud to service a wide variety of business types and industries of all sizes including:

Art Galleries, Corporations, Museums, Hospitality, Architects / Designers, Healthcare, Financial, Educational, Event Planners, Retail, Government, Environmental Graphic Designers, Construction, Real Estate, Airports, Aerospace, Transportation, Media / PR, Advertising Agencies, Parks & Recreation

The experts here at Visual Works are the perfect choice to design and craft the perfect sign for your business or industry. For more information, feel free to fill out the contact form or give us a call at (646) 988-0144.

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