Choose Custom Acrylic Fabrication for Your Displays

Choose Custom Acrylic Fabrication for Your Displays

Acrylic fabrication is the trendiest signage option in the marketing world. More and more emerging businesses are opting for this method since it has a minimalist look, while it still stays cool and attractive to the eyes.

In acrylic fabrication, an acrylic sheet is converted into something useful through various machining processes. This fabrication makes it more purposeful and practical to fulfill the desired purposes of signage on acrylic displays.

5 Style Customizations to follow in Acrylic Fabrication

Here are a few suggestions regarding how you can get fabricated acrylic glass to suit your unique needs.

  • Acrylic letters: Making letters for a signage light box is an ideal custom acrylic fabrication You can get your brand name made in the form of letters and then fix neon lights inside. Place these catchy letters outside the club, restaurant, or bar to attract customers from far away.
  • UV printing: Get them coated with a piece of writing to show the brand name and other business details. You can also get them printed in various colors to brighten up a gloomy place with way finding instructions. 
  • Display cases and miniatures: Acrylic glass sheets can be fabricated in the shape of display units; place them in the stores as standees. You can either get your logo printed or provide shelves for placing the product or do both simultaneously. You can even get them coated in bright colors to make them eye-catching.
  • Variable thickness: There is a great variety available when it comes to the thickness of acrylic sheets. Their thickness ranges from 1 mm to 250 mm, thus providing choices for flexibility. Remember that as thickness increases, your acrylic sign’s weight would increase too. Choose thickness and depth of writing and color based on the very spot where you are going to place this signage.
  • Polishing and lamination: To give acrylic plastic or blasted glass a shiny and glossy look, you can get it polished or laminated. Or if you prefer crooked or curved edges, getting the edges polished would give your signage a matte-finished look.

There Is An Even Better Option!

Integrate various signage ideas with acrylic mounting to take a step further. You can mount metal letters with acrylic glass as a background. Install a colorful acrylic display outside your store, with your products enclosed in a glass for 24/7 promotion. You can make a three-dimensional billboard for advertisement. It can be done by placing miniatures made out of acrylic glass. Fill them with lights to give the desired 3D effect. This is sure to catch each passersby’s attention at night time.

Where To Use Acrylic Signage?

Acrylic Signage and displays can be used in many commercial and residential venues due to their diversity, durability, aesthetic beauty, and unmatched applications. Retail businesses can benefit a lot from acrylic fabrication in NYC if done the right way and placed in the most effective place. Popular options include nameplates on employees’ workstations and entry displays. If it is a waiting area, one can choose to display motivational quotes, abstract paintings and some other useful information on the signage that would make the waiting ‘not-so-bitter’ for the visitors.

Marketing experts suggest aspiring entrepreneurs to get custom signages that would distinguish their brand from others. No doubt they can be turned into a visual treat for eyes in many ways. If used rightly, acrylic signage with its all professional look can help raise brand awareness, convey company’s values to visiting stakeholders, attract walk-in customers, encourage impulse buying, and increase sales revenue.

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