Lighting Your Brand Through Visual Merchandising

With visual merchandising taking the world by storm, it doesn’t take a genius to guess the significance of appropriate branding. Creating or imprinting a brand image is partly the task of visual merchandising, be it through setting up lightbox signs in stores based in NYC or be it through the design of the window display.

By using brand-associated colors wisely to attract the attention of customers, by using sales-enabling lightbox signage, or by curating a well-designed store display, brands can turn their store aesthetic into a selling point. This allows brands to present their merchandise – bringing focus to factors that set them, their quality, and their value apart. Brands can create value for themselves in the minds of their customer. However, understanding this factor is of paramount importance, as certain brands fail to take visual merchandising into consideration.

Injecting Value & Appeal Into A Brand

Creating a unique atmosphere and setting the tone for the retail image is essential for any brand. With the use of promotional signs, informational signs, location signs, or window displays, brands can create awareness, can reach out to a wider customer base, and can deliver their unique proposition. A fulfilling shopping experience incorporates elements like enabling consumers to feel satisfied with the experiences they indulge in. This is where visual merchandising comes into play, helping create a sense of desire in the minds of the consumer.

Hanging outdoor lightbox signs is a window of opportunity for brands, as a brand gets to tell its story within a contained limit of words or graphics. Through this form of story-telling, the brand empowers itself to gain from the following:

  • It gets to invite a consumer to enter their ‘brick and mortar’ space.
  • It gets to involve its consumers in a personalized experience.
  • It gets to glorify its products and create a sense of ‘personalized luxury.’
  • It gets to strategically place its products through signage in places where there is heavy foot traffic.

A combination of these factors leads a brand to build a perception that is otherwise missing. With a perception built, a brand can then be on its way to settle brand loyalty into the hearts of its consumers. Due to vinyl letter signs and signage, in general, being a tried and tested marketing strategy, brands have nothing to lose by amplifying their visual merchandising capacity. Even with limited resources and limited funds, a brand can integrate signage into their marketing plan, as it adds considerably in elevating brand recognition.

Mixing It Up

By reinforcing their brand through customized signage, brands can create exposure, can liven the value of their brand image, and can gain visibility. This can create results not only through experiences but also through numbers. With the retail environment consistently experiencing a shift, staying on top of things is essential, as otherwise, businesses run the risk of losing their market dominance, their customer base, and opportunities that can push them to the top of the retail pyramid.

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