Importance Of Construction Signs In Nyc

Construction sites are dangerous areas, not only for the labor who spends hours in the scorching sun to provide for their families but also fora passerby who unknowingly find himself within these wrought-with-danger parameters. No matter what precautions the management takes, accidents at construction sites seem inevitable. However, custom construction signs can warn the workers and passerby of any possible hazards and help avoid them. Therefore, putting up construction safety signage is a requirement for all construction sites in NYC and moral and civil duty of construction companies.

Why Go For Construction Signs?

A properly placed and a highly visible safety sign can go a long way to protecting the lives of workers at construction sites by alerting individuals of possible casualties and the precautionary measures they need to take.

Safety Reminder

It is human nature to, at times, forget even the most basic guidelines and thus workers and the people passing by, need to be constantly reminded of the safety measures. Thus, a site officer’s first course of action on the field should be to buy construction signs. A set of custom construction signs should address all the following issues.

Danger And Warning Signs

Danger signs should be used for warning against life-threatening situations. Warning signs are important for warning against scenarios that might not cause death but could result in severe impairment.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs dictate the ground rules for the code of conduct that should be abided by at your site location. They do not necessarily pose any threat to life but are in place just to maintain decorum. For example, you would often see signs abstaining from “smoking” or “spitting” on the premises. However, a no-smoking sign may not always be just a prohibition; but at times it could also be a safety measure if there are flammable liquids nearby. In such a case, a “no smoking” sign could also be a warning to protect you from explosions bred out of carelessness.

Safety Instructions

Safety instruction signs govern the necessary actions that must be taken on an operational field. These include wearing the proper headgear, goggles, face mask; if there is dust, and high visibility vests that are usually in neon colors to save the workers from collateral damage during the grueling construction work.

Emergency Awareness

Emergency information signs are very important because they minimize loss and damage in case of any eventuality. In the unforeseen scenarios, for example, if there is a fire, or a pillar of the building under construction collapses, the prime interest of the construction company is to minimize the loss of human lives. There are many legal directives in place that prioritize human lives, and in case of any unfortunate incident arising out of the company’s negligence, the company may find itself being dragged into the court of law. Thus, it is cardinal that the site has proper exit routes and emergency exit signs displayed. Similarly, in case of fire, proper directions should be given to access the fire extinguisher or ring the emergency alarms.

Construction signs vary in their functions and are accordingly ordained colors, patterns shape and typography so that the workers can distinguish between them at first sight. But still, they all remain equally important and together devise a system for the workers to feel safe at a construction site. These signs are made from a durable material such as corflute which can withstand extreme weather conditions. Materials which are good heat and electricity conductors are usually avoided to decrease accidents. Similarly, these signs should be located as such that they are highly visible from afar. Each construction company should, at the first chance, buy construction signs for sale available in the market or invest in customized construction signages which also have the company’s name printed on them as a publicity stunt.

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